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About Lorraine Bennington

Change your mind. Change your life.

Lorraine began her studies of hypnotherapy at age 21, long before the study of hypnosis was well known, led there by a fascination with the human psyche and an attraction to depth psychology. She pursued her graduate studies at McGill University, earning a Master’s degree in Counseling and became a licensed psychologist at the age 30.

In addition to hypnotherapy Lorraine frequently incorporates energy psychology into her work. This is a practice that combines eastern philosophies with western understanding of the mind, utilizing such techniques as “tapping” acupuncture points or Chinese meridian points to treat many conditions, including anxiety and phobias.

Since the early 1980's, Lorraine has led success seminars.  These seminars essentially marked the birth of her role as a coach, although the term "coaching" as we know it today had not yet entered everyday vocabulary.

Lorraine is also an accomplished and dynamic speaker. She was the introductory speaker at an event in Vancouver featuring Dr. Wayne Dyer as keynote. On another occasion, Anthony Robbins attempted to convince her to give up her speaking spot to him, but, despite his eloquence and strong will, she managed to take the podium!

Lorraine has decades of experience in both talk radio and television. Some of her radio appearances include a year on the Bob Say show as a “call in your problems” radio psychologist, regular shows on LG73, a weekly show on Kong radio on Kauai, and many expert guest appearances both on English and French CBC Radio. She answered questions on dreams, relationships, quitting smoking, losing weight and general life issues, encouraging callers with more complex concerns to seek therapy. She has spoken to many organizations, including pharmaceutical companies, VGH, the UBC School of Social Work, Rotary clubs and the Western Business Women’s Association. She has appeared on Vision television (Five Seekers, Guides and Gurus) and recently on CHEK TV (North of 49),

Lorraine's philosophy integrates spirituality and psychology. The belief that people are spiritual beings living in a physical world underlies Lorraine’s work, and the effectiveness with which mind and spirit function together determines whether we’re in harmony or disharmony. Spirituality is seen not as a connection to any one particular faith, but rather as a connection to life itself.

Lorraine believes that all people are healthy at their core, and that their outer world reflects beliefs, attitudes and patterns which limit them. “People are often afraid that if I get to know them, that I won't like them,” she says, “but the opposite is true: the deeper I know a person, the more likeable they are.”

Self-judgment is one of the things that stand in the way of a person becoming fully realized. We all have a persona, that aspect which is presented to the world, the face which we think hides our “flawed” inner self. Fortunately or unfortunately, we are more transparent than we know.

The next layer holds our fears, memories, self judgment and familial programming and then beneath that we find the core, which is perfect and golden.

Our true nature is more beautiful than any persona we can construct.