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Creative Transformations Ltd.

Change your mind. Change your life.

Through an integrated approach that draws on many years of training in coaching, hypnosis and meditation, Lorraine Bennington, Reg. Psychologist, helps her clients “get out of their own way” onto the path to financial, personal, physical and creative success. Her approach to healing is multi-layered and draws upon a wide range of modalities and disciplines. These include energy psychology, hypnotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, gestalt therapy and mindfulness meditation.

After many years of practice, Lorraine has developed a keen ability to get to the core of what is interfering with a person's well being, the story under the story. Once she zeroes in on a client’s self-limiting beliefs, beliefs which create barriers to happiness and success, she works with the client to replace them with healthy, positive and supportive thoughts. This integration of psychology, hypnotherapy and coaching for success can move people to their next level of optimum well being with ease and grace.

Highly adept at goal-setting, motivating and getting people on track with success coaching, Lorraine uses these skills in combination with hypnotherapy and energy psychology to support her clientís potential. She sees people as being “already there”; they just need to dispense with the things that keep them from claiming all that they intrinsically are. Itís not about self improvement--the self doesnít need to be “improved.” The self is shining and beautiful-- it is our job to stop judging it, covering it with false beliefs and judging ourselves as less than we are.

Instead of self improvement, the focus is on self acceptance, self love and clarity of purpose.

Hypnotherapy can help you:

  • Reduce stress
  • Lose weight
  • Stop smoking
  •  Manage anxiety/depressionbluebutterfly
  • Eradicate fears and phobias
  • Release emotions underlying disease patterns
  • Deal with insomnia
  • Improve sports performance
  • Enhance creativity
  • Eliminate writer’s block
  • Increase focus and concentration
  • Become a confident public speaker
  • Optimize business performance
  • Eliminate fear of success/fear of failure
  • Increase confidence

Services Include:

Hypnosis for Weight Loss
Hypnosis to Quit Smoking
Hypnosis for Sports Performance
Energy Psychology
Behavioral Therapy
Gestalt Therapy
Mindfulness Meditation
Coaching for Success

Lorraine Bennington
Suite 400-1681 Chestnut St.
Vancouver BC V6J 4M6
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